04 Aug 2014

A Guide to Buying Jewelry for Young Ladies

As many parents quickly find out when raising a young girl or a teenager (both of which sound like daunting tasks) that jewelry is a factor in how the young people want to present themselves. Culture is often influenced by what one wears and what type of social niche group a given young person wants to ascribe them with.  As young ladies go through their youth trying to find out what kind of person they are, so too will the fashion accessories they wish to adorn themselves with to outwardly convey their personality.  It is often an awkward time with a fair amount of experimentation with different friends and musical tastes fluctuating greatly and at times even more than the change of the seasons.

Some useful areas to look for something that the young lady would actually like, would be in the new teen magazines and of course keeping an ear to the ground culturally by watching what is new on MTV or anything that the young lady you’re shopping for is interested in.  Often this comes down to looking at what posters are on her walls and what music you hear her playing the most often.  The religion or spirituality (or lack thereof) of the young lady in question can often be major deciding factor in what is deemed fashionable jewelry, as many (especially in the western world) can see that the Christian symbols of the cross and crucifix are not the only religious icons adorning fashion accessories in recent years, but any icon of every religion.  Pandora is a company that provides some great variety and even individualized and designed for whatever the young lady would like.  It will show consideration and genuine interest if you can get them something that they would like without having to ask, but having them pick out exactly what they want is still better than offering them something that they have to fake a smile for.  One last word to the wise: if you are an adult and think that something is cool, then the odds are not in your favor that a young lady will agree with you.


Below are some images from flickr of popular Pandora bracelets.

Feminine jewelry often has a very noticeable shine and sparkle to it.

Accessories within an accessory are often very popular.

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