27 Dec 2014

A Night Filled with Jewelry and Fun For All Ages

potential beads to buy

Have you ever tried to find something to do that would be fun for you, maybe your daughter, mother, or a woman of any age? Well, look no further because home jewelry making parties could be the right answer for you. It’s a great idea because women of any age can participate, meaning that people can bring family, friends, or anyone that might be interested. It is a great way to meet people around the community. Friends of friends can finally meet and become acquainted. And the best part is that everyone can make a very special piece of jewelry to take with them. Read below to find some tips on how to have a night of fun with making jewelry at home.

There are a few things that are good for having jewelry making parties, and the first thing is the supplies. Make sure to have tons of beads of all different sizes, colors, and shapes. Each person needs to let their imagination run wild with the ideas they may have for the piece they want to make. There should probably be a good amount of tables and chairs set up so everyone can have their space. Getting an idea of how many people are coming is always smart, so someone should be in charge of an RSVP list for the invites. Sometimes design books or pattern books are helpful to give people ideas and inspiration for what they may want to make. If someone can’t figure out what to make, it can be a frustrating experience for that individual.

potential beads to buy

This can be a potential bead selection to buy for having a jewelry party. This photo was taken by Jlhopgood.

Jewelry parties can be combined with so many other social activities, so maybe find some ideas that you may want to incorporate. This can include cooking, baking, or even having another do it yourself section of something besides jewelry. The more that is offered at the event, the more people will want to attend. Maybe a movie could be played afterwards to keep people entertained, or make sure to have good music on throughout the event as well. So many things can be done to help spice up the night and allow people to have an amazing time. These are all just small tips to improve the night for everyone.

pie desert table

An example of a desert table that could be had at a jewelry party. This photo was taken by Dave Herholz.

For some people hosting these homemade jewelry parties, it is best to find ways to cater to what the majority of the crowd consists of. If you know that the audience is going to be mostly adults, it can be fun to have wine at the event. If you know the event will mostly be girls or a younger crowd, you can supply candy or ice cream, or something that suits their needs more adequately. If you know you are going to have a large mix, maybe find something to incorporate for each group of people. If its a family event, allow the mother/daughter duo to sit next to each other. This will make their experience more rewarding. Adjusting to the audience will make everyone have more fun, after all, that what this night is all about!

Jewelry parties are so fun because everyone gets the chance to do something unique, and can really show their sense of style. Hosting a party can be easy, if you take the right steps and are organized. Make sure to know the number of people, get the appropriate supplies, maybe combine it with another fun activity, and make sure you have the right scene for the audience you are trying to entertain. This is the perfect equation for a night of fun with ladies of any age!

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