02 Feb 2015

The Many Celebrations Of Art

Women love art just as much as any man (obviously there’s a lot of room for debate on that one but I’m not a genetic biologist or neurological specialist), and I’m sure you or anyone you know has a certain love (or at least respect) for the world’s museums. One particular art museum in New York City, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the world’s finest art galleries. Below you can find a picture of just one of the hundreds of pieces that you can find there (if I’m not mistaken they have a pretty steady rotation of new and old pieces alike, but sadly I haven’t had the opportunity to visit The Met yet!)


You would be pretty safe to assume that any given woman on the planet has some artistic sense or another. While one’s individual taste in art can and will vary from person to person, I like this art deco piece of art found in The Met. I like work that is deceptively simple; as you look close at this piece, you can see the individual brush strokes and derive any number of interpretations about people or society as an underlying message. © Frank Kovalchek.

Women of every nation celebrate their own taste in art every day. Typically, we find women that enjoy assembling their outfits and fashion, which is certainly artistic in its own way. However, typically the jewelry is the factor that ties an outfit together. With that in mind, take a look at some of these beautiful pieces of jewelry below.


These beautiful rings and pendant are certainly something to behold. I’m not quite as skilled as some of my older female family members when it comes to judging just by looking at something, whether or not an individual piece is the real thing or just plastic costume jewelry. But if I was to hold one of those I doubt I would be disappointed! © International Gem and Jewelry Show.

With the sort of work you’d expect a young person to have, I’m not exactly making the kind of money that would allow for much jewelry purchasing. But then again, if it’s for the sake of celebrating art and boosting one’s self-esteem, I wouldn’t be too quick to shrug it off as simply disposable income…


This is a nice little marriage of artistic design and the skillful craftsmanship of jewelry. I’m not sure what outfit would go best with this bejeweled silver butterfly but I am fairly certain that most women have an outfit or two that could suffice. © Aleksey Gnilenkov.

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