23 Aug 2014

Modern Fun For Modern Girls


Whether you’re reading this humble blog posting because you’re a parent looking for a refreshing idea for an activity to enjoy with your daughter, or you’re reading this because you’re a young lady looking for some interesting ideas of your own, I hope you’ll not be disappointed. As you can see in the image above, pink has never gone out of style for a young lady’s palette, though many find themselves straying away from the stereotypically feminine color as they grow older, which is only natural.  Still, rearranging or adding different furnishing, colors, patterns, and figuring out what new look you and your daughter are interested in can always be a fun activity to enjoy together.

There is always something to do around the house together, regardless of your preference of current furnishing or color patterns.  With the advent of major streaming services, its easy to find some of the most entertaining television programs and films with an internet connection.  Having a debate about your favorite (or least favorite!) characters motives in the newest episode of your favorite TV show can always be fun.  If you’re a parent, you can always find some vintage TV shows from your childhood or maybe some classic Nintendo (or “FamiCom” for those of you not in the west) video games that you can find for free online easily enough as well.


If you or the young lady in your life is looking for something outside the house to do there are always plenty of options.  Take a look at this picture for instance; nothing can be quite as relaxing as just relaxing on a pier, on the beach, or by the shore of a nice calm lake and enjoying the quiet, a personal conversation, or even people watching.  But if you want to get a little more active, particularly in the laid back lifestyles enjoyed in the west, people find themselves out of shape fairly easily, so taking up an exercise regimen, enjoying sports, aerobics, martial arts, or yoga are excellent physical activities that can also heighten the quality of your lives.  Getting out of what can often feel like a stagnant culture in our current world is often a more deeply fulfilling form of fun, and sating your appetite for culture is easily achieved when you head out to your local museum (many museums often have a day of free access to try to take advantage of that!)

It’s always a good idea to encourage the kinds of positive activities and behavior in your life and those you care about if you want to promote positive changes in your lives.  Having a pet to care for and take out for walks around your neighborhood is a great way to encourage responsibility and encourage good health.  Taking a look at the picture below, you can see some professional cheerleaders, enjoying what may have begun as a fun activity with friends, but has now become their profession.  Cheer leading is a great way to stay in shape and help young ladies get out of their shells and develop good social skills as well.

The best advice for having fun though you’ll probably find in your own lives and figure out what is both beneficial for your lifestyle, and also enjoyable.


The above photos come to us courtesy of members of flickr.com

First image credit: Home Space.

Second image credit: Julio.Garcia.

Third image credit: Johrling.

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