12 Nov 2014

Classy And Intercultural Beading Without The High Cost

Sometimes you can find something you didn’t even know you wanted and in my case I’ve been on the search for some unique beads and only recently hit any pay dirt! I’m surprised to find a website with such an enormous selection and at such low prices, it really is something that I didn’t know I wanted until I found it (and immediately bookmarked!). Beads make great gifts of course and are even better when crafted into something beautiful to add that extra personal touch. Bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and pendants are typically the go to beaded gift ideas but there plenty of outlets for one’s own individual creativity. But anyway, I suppose it might be the book worm or history nerd in me but I like seeing different examples of the cultures of the world exemplified through all kinds of works of art, particularly in beads. Now that site I mentioned definitely has a variety, including some types of beads I knew from their look but didn’t know them by name, and some that I’d never seen or even heard of!


Here we see a photo (I love the lighting and angle by the way) of a Mexican style piece of art work fashioned from several hundred beads. © PRECIOSA ORNELA.

If I’m offering my subjective critique on the beads featured in the photo above, personally the beads themselves don’t seem as unique as all of the beads that are featured and sold in that website I mentioned above. However, just the display and arrangement of those simple beads is such an inspiration and definitely makes me wonder what somebody with that much talent could do with a selection of higher quality beads. Glassy Beads Play Huge Role in Creation of Planets.


Now this is a bit on the other end of the spectrum compared to the other photo of the Mexican style bead work. These Czech style beads are more elongated and elegant, though not so artistically presented. © PRECIOSA ORNELA.

I’m not much of an artist so I can’t argue on behalf of my own abilities (or lack thereof) when it would come to creating even a simple piece of jewelry, but if I harken back to my days as a child playing with blocks and toys of that nature, I think I might be capable of using beads to create a sculpture of sorts, similar in form to that photo of the Mexican style bead work. Now if I can only channel that energy into something worth looking at…


This is a nice blend of both worlds. We can see some relatively unique beads that have a nice variance of colors and styles and also strung together in quite an artistic pattern. Now this is the kind of thing that would be nice to make for someone as a little hand-made gift. © PRECIOSA ORNELA.

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