02 Feb 2015

The Many Celebrations Of Art

Women love art just as much as any man (obviously there’s a lot of room for debate on that one but I’m not a genetic biologist or neurological specialist), and I’m sure you or anyone you know has a certain love (or at least respect) for the world’s museums. One particular art museum in New […]

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potential beads to buy

27 Dec 2014

A Night Filled with Jewelry and Fun For All Ages

Have you ever tried to find something to do that would be fun for you, maybe your daughter, mother, or a woman of any age? Well, look no further because home jewelry making parties could be the right answer for you. It’s a great idea because women of any age can participate, meaning that people […]

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12 Nov 2014

Classy And Intercultural Beading Without The High Cost

Sometimes you can find something you didn’t even know you wanted and in my case I’ve been on the search for some unique beads and only recently hit any pay dirt! I’m surprised to find a website with such an enormous selection and at such low prices, it really is something that I didn’t know […]

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23 Aug 2014

Modern Fun For Modern Girls

Whether you’re reading this humble blog posting because you’re a parent looking for a refreshing idea for an activity to enjoy with your daughter, or you’re reading this because you’re a young lady looking for some interesting ideas of your own, I hope you’ll not be disappointed. As you can see in the image above, […]

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04 Aug 2014

A Guide to Buying Jewelry for Young Ladies

As many parents quickly find out when raising a young girl or a teenager (both of which sound like daunting tasks) that jewelry is a factor in how the young people want to present themselves. Culture is often influenced by what one wears and what type of social niche group a given young person wants […]

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